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Any time DNS is updated, it can take up to 48 hours for those changes to take effect. This period of time is called propagation, and it applies to any and all DNS updates. This article will explain what propagation is and why it's important.
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Prices and features of Cloud Hosting
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How to prevent your server from freezing up or fix site performance problems on a VPS or Dedicated
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My Wordpress site is slow or seems down.
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PHP Version Selection (PHP Config)How do I
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How to install and configure the WP Super Cache plugin for your wordpress blog
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The website is taking a long time to load. It just seems slower today than normal.
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How to manage CloudFlare on your Just Host account.
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Is SSH/Shell access enabled by default?
Knowledgebase Article 560,797 views tags: bash command line secure shell ssh

This tutorial will help you be able to install the PHP PECL package APC. (Alternative PHP Cache)
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This article will explain how to utilize GZip through the file manager.
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How to change a WordPress site's theme from within the Database
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