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WHM - Add a New Package

To help maintain stability or to set tiers for your clients or your separate websites you will want to create packages which will set limits for the cPanels that you assign to it. This tutorial will help guide you through the steps of how to create a new package through the WHM.

Creating a New Package

  1. Login to the WHM.
    WHM login
  2. Click the Packages icon.
    Packages icon
  3. Click Add a Package.
    Add a Package icon
  4. In the Package Name section choose the name for the new package.
    Package Name field
  5. With the Resources section the resources that you would like to have the package us.
    Resource for accounts
  6. Under the Settings section choose the extra cPanel features that the account will have access to.
    cPanel Settings
  7. Once all settings have been set click Add
    Add button
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