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Log Locations On Dedicated/VPS


There are two main locations where logs are kept on Dedicated and VPS servers. The /usr/local/cpanel/logs directory and the /var/log/ directory. Here is a list of the logs common to each directory.


  • access_log: cPanel access log for both cPanel and WHM
  • error_log: cPanel error log
  • license_log: cPanel license log
  • login_log: cPanel user login log
  • melange.log: cPanel chat server log
  • melange_msg.log: cPanel chat server message log
  • stats_log: cPanel web stats log


  • messages: Contains global system messages like mail, cron, daemon, kern, auth, etc.
  • bandwidth: cPanel total bandwidth logs for the entire server
  • chkservd.log: chkservd service log
  • clamav: clamav log directory
  • cpupdate.log: cPanel update log
  • exim_mainlog: Exim email transaction log
  • exim_paniclog: Exim error log
  • exim_rejectlog: Exim rejected email log
  • maillog: Transaction and login log for all mail services
  • pgsql: PostgreSQL log file

cPanel keeps the domain weblogs in the /usr/local/cpanel/domlogs directory for each domain name that is hosted on the server. This includes FTP transfer logs for each account.

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