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Frequently Asked Questions for AppMachine
Knowledgebase Article 83,721 views tags: addons appmachine mobile

I received an email that my account was migrating; when I log in, my interface looks different. Why did this change? This article will cover some commonly asked questions about the new experience.
Knowledgebase Article 44,762 views tags: account control interface login migration panel rock ui

FAQ related to Just Host SEO Tools
Knowledgebase Article 97,003 views tags: faq marketing seo tools

FAQ related to Just Host Managed WordPress (Beta)
Knowledgebase Article 17,565 views tags:

Server Status FAQ's

A list of frequently asked questions about the upgrade to the newest version of Weebly
Knowledgebase Article 85,939 views tags: Weebly builder drag drop site upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions about Managing your Domain Names
Knowledgebase Article 551,420 views tags: domain privacy redemption whois

The WHOIS database shows my personal information for my .us domain names. How do I get privacy for the .us domain?
Knowledgebase Article 237,986 views tags: change domain extension privacy private whois

How do I perform a URL redirect/rewrite using the .htaccess file?
Knowledgebase Article 1,837,959 views tags: htaccess redirect rewrite url

How to specify the default Name Servers on a reseller account
Getting Started Article 113,180 views tags: nameserver reseller server servers whm

How to terminate a resold account using WHM
Getting Started Article 115,872 views tags: reseller resold terminate whm

Useful links for accessing the reseller WHM, cPanel and Webmail
Knowledgebase Article 55,535 views tags: cpanel dedicated reseller

How to install the provided WildCard SSL on a reseller account
Knowledgebase Article 77,304 views tags: reseller ssl

Explanation as to where a reseller and their customers will login to access their sites
Knowledgebase Article 73,961 views tags: cpanel reseller whm

How to fix the error where your customers see only a whitescreen in the cPanel
Knowledgebase Article 84,653 views tags: error reseller whitescreen

Explanation of the cause of the warning and how to remove it.
Knowledgebase Article 60,145 views tags: reseller root

How to assign a dedicated IP addresses for a Reseller's Customer Account.
Knowledgebase Article 106,643 views tags: reseller

How to create a custom Reseller Login page
Knowledgebase Article 106,846 views tags: reseller

This article explains what happens after a domain expires and how domain registration can be renewed.
Knowledgebase Article 439,561 views tags: domain expired redemption registration renewal renewing

What you need to know about the WordPress 5.0 update
Knowledgebase Article 49,341 views tags: classic editor gutenberg release rollout tinymce update wordpress

VPS and Dedicated customers with servers running the CentOS 6 operating system will not be able to upgrade cPanel past version 86. The cPanel team will still support CentOS 6 with cPanel 86 until March 31st, 2021.
Knowledgebase Article 38,951 views tags: centos cpanel dedicated hosting private server upgrade virtual vps

Weebly Site Builder
Knowledgebase Article 278,613 views tags: Weebly sitebuilder

How to create a package on your Reseller account.
Getting Started Article 122,714 views tags: add hosting limit package reseller

As the registrar, we will assist in the following domain dispute, providing the specific criteria is met. The domain has been moved without the domain owner's consent by means of the password or EPP c
Knowledgebase Article 296,672 views tags: dispute domain epp icann moved owners ownership permission policy proof

This article will explain how to install the SiteLock Trust Seal.
Knowledgebase Article 116,371 views tags: sitelock

Using Your Custom Name Servers for Domains Registered With a 3rd Party.
Knowledgebase Article 154,812 views tags: dns reseller

Two-factor authentication is ideal for anyone looking to increase their account security.
Knowledgebase Article 138,936 views tags: account password security

How do I Change My DNS?
Knowledgebase Article 402,358 views tags: change delegate dns modify

How to enable/turn on SSH access for Resold accounts
Knowledgebase Article 68,304 views tags: reseller resold shell ssh whm

Explains how to edit the DNS Zone Timplate.
Knowledgebase Article 70,665 views tags: dns domains

How to upgrade or downgrade a resold acccount
Getting Started Article 98,851 views tags: downgrade feature list reseller upgrade whm

Creating a resold account causes the error "Sorry, a group for that username already exists."
Knowledgebase Article 69,880 views tags: error group reseller username whm

How to update the Customer Contacts on a reseller account.
Getting Started Article 59,146 views tags: reseller whm

A brief description of the JustCloud storage service.
Knowledgebase Article 78,849 views tags: backup justcloud

How to change the password for a Resold account.
Knowledgebase Article 85,722 views tags: change password reseller resold update

An overview of SiteLock Lite
Knowledgebase Article 106,376 views tags: products security sitelock

How to increase your productivity with G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work)
Knowledgebase Article 259,963 views tags: G Suite apps email faq gmail google gsuite

How Just Host SEO Tools work
Knowledgebase Article 63,770 views tags: marketing seo tool

Many popular website platforms use PHP for rendering their content. It’s common for these sites to have automatic update tools to ensure that they work with the latest version of PHP, however sometimes a theme or plugin for these services may prevent them from updating or may not work with a newer
Knowledgebase Article 62,484 views tags: deprecation discontinue end php upgrade

WordPress Pro provides users with elevated server resources and customer support beyond what is expected in traditional shared hosting platforms.
Knowledgebase Article 86,018 views tags: details features hosting pricing pro shared wordpress wp

this is how you see how much disk space your resold accounts are using
Knowledgebase Article 59,647 views tags: reseller

Per ICANN, your contact information is included on the domain's record in the WHOIS database required information includes your full name, postal address, email address, and voice telephone number
Knowledgebase Article 237,070 views tags: domain verification whois

How to force a resold account's owner to update their password
Knowledgebase Article 98,499 views tags: force password reseller resold whm

Single Sign-On (SSO) is the common name for the process of signing on to your justhost account using a different software service provider (e.g. Google, Facebook, WordPress, etc.). Although the software systems of justhost are independent from an SSO service provider, a singl
Knowledgebase Article 95,704 views tags: sso

A quick guide to using your Reseller account
Getting Started Article 136,804 views tags: reseller started whm

Using WHM to add a resold account to your reseller account.
Getting Started Article 109,571 views tags: reseller whm

How to suspend or unsuspend a resold account using WHM
Getting Started Article 101,271 views tags: reseller resold suspend whm

Starting on August 26, 2019, the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) will be a new protocol available that provides WHOIS details for generic top-level domains (gTLDs) (e.g., .com, .net).
Knowledgebase Article 130,208 views tags: access data domains gdpr icann protocol rdap registration

How to setup VAT (Value Added Tax)
Knowledgebase Article 606,138 views tags: vat

Explains how to use the WHM Support Center from cPanel.
Knowledgebase Article 44,151 views tags:

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** Google ad credits are only available to customers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom at this time.

¹ VAT (Value Added Tax) is not included in our advertised price and will be charged separately and itemized on invoices and billing information. Standard VAT rates based on EU Member State regulations may apply. Learn more.