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Cron Time

How to run cron jobs at a specific date and time.


This article will provide the correct times to set for your Cron Jobs. If you need a different explanation on Cron Jobs, please refer to this list of Cron Job articles:

Our servers are set up to use USA/MDT. Once you have determined the corrected time value, you can add it to the cron job area of your cPanel.

Timing your Cron Job

In order to correctly set Just Host's servers to perform a desired task in the form of a cron at a specific "local" time, you will need to find the system time of your server and compare that to your "local time". Subtract or add the difference.

Note: You can check the current time, as well as the GMT, at http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/to/mst/index.htm

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