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Comodo Positive SSL Certificate Seal


The SSL Certificate purchased from your Just Host Control Panel, is either a Comodo Positive SSL Certificate or a Comodo SSL Certificate. This certificate includes a seal which you may place on your website.

Positive SSL Certificate

This certificate includes a static image which you may place on your website. Simply right click on the image below and save the image. Then upload the image to Just Host account and incorporate it in the design of your website. There are two versions you can choose, one has a white background, the other translucent.

White Background

SSL Certificate Authority

Translucent Background

Comodo SSL Certificate

Comodo has created a 3 step process to easily create a customized TrustLogo®. In this process you will be able to download the image, choose a background and then Comodo will provide you with the JavaScript code snippet to use on your site.

To create your own TrustLogo® please see http://www.trustlogo.com/

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