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WordPress 5.0 Update

WordPress is a popular application responsible for over one-third of all sites online. Its flexibility and functionality prove beneficial when creating a website. WordPress provides a powerful content management system that can accommodate the needs of anyone, from those just starting a blog to large universities and corporations demanding dynamic content.
WordPress 5.0 (Bebo) will be released in Winter 2018. With this release comes the exciting addition of Gutenberg, a block-based editor, into the core editing functionality! While the previous WordPress content editor, TinyMCE, was intuitive and straightforward, it was also very simplistic and limited in its options. As the market for easy to use site builders expands, it is crucial that WordPress take steps to update its core and provide a more optimized user experience. The release of 5.0, with its emphasis on media, will improve usability while allowing for dynamic content and mobile responsiveness.

What Will Gutenberg Change?

The introduction of Gutenberg presents a brand new experience in creating content and layout within pages and posts. The foundation resides upon blocks, which are used for individual items that can quickly and effortlessly be moved up, down, set in columns, and reused. This structure makes it easy to work across various screen sizes and devices with the confidence that what is displayed in the editor is what will appear on the website.

What would once require multiple plugins has been simplified into the Gutenberg experience, eliminating the need for custom HTML or shortcodes. Gutenberg delivers a refreshing new user experience to WordPress and the edge needed to compete with the various drag and drop builders available.

Learn more about what is currently available with the Gutenberg plugin.


Will this break my site?

The only way to break a site is to edit old content in the new editor and save that content.

What should I do to prepare for the update?

Back up your WordPress site before you make any updates. If possible, use a test environment before making any changes. If content looks off after updating WordPress, try removing unnecessary blocks created by other Plugins.

What if I'm not ready, or the update doesn't work?

The Classic Editor plugin removes the Block Editor and restores the Classic Editor.

Is my theme/plugin compatible?

To determine whether a Plugin or Theme is compatible with the update, it should show 'Gutenberg Compatible' after the most recent update. In order to be compatible, themes must explicitly opt-in to the default styles for Blocks or bring custom styles. Custom metaboxes may not work.

It takes longer to create and edit content now... what can I do?

Try the Slash Inserter! You can also create reusable blocks to help with repetitive formatting.

Is my theme/plugin compatible?

To determine whether a Plugin or Theme is compatible with the update, it should show 'Gutenberg Compatible' after the most recent update. In order to be compatible, themes must explicitly opt-in to the default styles for Blocks or bring custom styles. Custom metaboxes may not work.

I'm confused about the "It's too busy". What should I do?

Hover over icons for Tooltips with text. Try Spotlight and Fullscreen modes if you have trouble viewing these.

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