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What is Justhost.com Pricing Structure?
Knowledgebase Article 2,503,691 views tags: faq price pricing shared

What is the .htaccess file and where can I find more information?
Knowledgebase Article 1,670,159 views tags: htaccess tips tricks

How do I modify my nameservers?
Knowledgebase Article 1,660,762 views tags: dns nameservers

How do I upload my web site?
Knowledgebase Article 1,420,687 views tags: ftp site upload uploading web website

How to setup your Just Host-hosted email address with an email application.
Knowledgebase Article 1,276,065 views tags:

How do I perform a URL redirect/rewrite using the .htaccess file?
Knowledgebase Article 1,077,639 views tags: htaccess redirect rewrite url

How to setup an Email Account on the iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch
Knowledgebase Article 996,038 views tags: email emailclient iphone

The redirection of www.yourdomain.com/default.html or index.html to http://www.yourdomain.com/index.php?act=whatever redirects it to http://www.yourdomain.com/index.php%3fact=whatever In other words,
Knowledgebase Article 756,840 views tags: htaccess messing mod php redirect redirects rewrite variable variables

How do I make a sub directory (or sub folder) act as the public_html for your main domain?
Knowledgebase Article 736,750 views tags: Drupal domain htaccess joomla wordpress

How can I change the primary domain name on my account?
Knowledgebase Article 721,246 views tags: account change domain primary rename

How Do I Add/Edit DNS settings for my cNAME, ARecord and TXT entries?
Knowledgebase Article 673,491 views tags: dns

How can I cancel my hosting account?
Knowledgebase Article 583,649 views tags: cancel credit guarantee prorate

This article will instruct you how to export a database from the command line (SSH).
Knowledgebase Article 569,598 views tags: database mysql ssh

This article will explain MySQL database and user creation and deletion, and explain how to assign a user to a database.
Knowledgebase Article 565,600 views tags: creation database mysql

How do I remotely connect using a database management software?
Knowledgebase Article 554,859 views tags: connection mysqlfront

This article will instruct you how to import a database from the command line (SSH).
Knowledgebase Article 525,782 views tags: database mysql ssh

Learn how to use WordPress, WordPress started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes now available.
Knowledgebase Article 517,874 views tags: blog buildersonline website wordpress

How do I change the PHP environment for my site with php.ini?
Knowledgebase Article 506,635 views tags: configuration php server

How do I setup an addon domain or parked domain in my hosting account?
Knowledgebase Article 495,547 views tags: addon domains parked

I would like to use FileZilla how do I go about the setting it up and connecting to my site?
Knowledgebase Article 480,755 views tags: client configure file filezilla ftp party set settings setup zilla

How to Migrate a self hosted copy of WordPress
Knowledgebase Article 452,501 views tags: migrate wordpress

Is SSH/Shell access enabled by default?
Knowledgebase Article 452,382 views tags: bash command line secure shell ssh

Using WordPress with the Temporary URL
Knowledgebase Article 438,546 views tags: blog domain ip press resolve resolving temp temporary url word wordpress wrong

Definition of an A Record
Knowledgebase Article 434,477 views tags: a dns record zone

Website shows a server 500 error, what can I do to fix it?
Knowledgebase Article 416,655 views tags: error

How do I change my Control Panel password?
Knowledgebase Article 407,360 views tags: change cpanel password passwords protect

How do I increase my file size limit in my PHP application?
Knowledgebase Article 390,302 views tags: optimize php upload uploads

How do I Access My Account Control Panel?
Knowledgebase Article 378,253 views tags: access alternate control cpanel panel port secure secured

How to backup individual files or folders with the Site Backup Pro tool
Knowledgebase Article 373,933 views tags: backup restore

How to setup an email account using Microsoft Outlook 2013
Knowledgebase Article 368,559 views tags: email imap outlook pop

Do you support .NET, ASP, Access, COM objects, or Web Bots?
Knowledgebase Article 368,454 views tags: access asp bots microsoft sql

How to setup VAT (Value Added Tax)
Knowledgebase Article 367,513 views tags: vat

Definition of a CNAME
Knowledgebase Article 364,778 views tags: cname dns zone

Frequently Asked Questions about Managing your Domain Names
Knowledgebase Article 352,458 views tags: domain privacy redemption whois

What are the commonly used DNS entries?
Knowledgebase Article 346,250 views tags: a aaaa cname dns record srv txt zone

How do I use the free shared SSL Certificate?
Knowledgebase Article 339,575 views tags: certificate path shared ssl

Knowledgebase Article 334,698 views tags:

Trying to send out emails from multiple email accounts fail from both webmail and third party email clients. Possible Reasons: The maximum emails per hour has been exceeded. This can be caused by forw
Knowledgebase Article 331,580 views tags: email exceeded mailbox outlook quota receive receiving send sender squirrelmail unable

This article will explain how to run php and other file types using Cron jobs.
Knowledgebase Article 330,226 views tags: cron file jobs php

How do I create a redirect?
Knowledgebase Article 324,143 views tags: htaccess redirect redirects

I need to transfer my website from my old host to Just Host, but I do not know how to do it without losing files or mail.
Knowledgebase Article 323,801 views tags: transfer upload website

How can I change the outgoing SMTP port from 25 to 26?
Knowledgebase Article 320,994 views tags: email outgoing port send sending smtp

How do I import a backup of my database (.sql file) using phpMyAdmin?
Knowledgebase Article 320,707 views tags: database mysql phpmyadmin

PHP Version Selection (PHP Config)How do I
Knowledgebase Article 318,242 views tags: config php

How Do I Subscribe to IMAP Folders in Mac OS X Mail Client?
Knowledgebase Article 310,738 views tags: imap mac mail

Configuring your email client: Outlook Express.
Knowledgebase Article 307,352 views tags: configuration configure email express imap outlook pop setup

How to modify name servers with bought domain through Just Host.
Knowledgebase Article 306,904 views tags: dns domain manager nameservers servers

How do I setup Ruby on Rails?
Knowledgebase Article 304,488 views tags: rails ruby

What is the difference between a Shared & Dedicated IP? How do I get Port Access? What type of SSL Certificate is right for me?
Knowledgebase Article 303,747 views tags: ip port secure

Instructions for restting your Email Account's Password through cPanel or Webmail
Knowledgebase Article 288,029 views tags: email forgot password reset webmail

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