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Configuring Name Servers for Your Reseller Main Domain Registered With a 3rd Party.

In November 2014 Just Host announced that it will no longer be accepting new shared Reseller hosting signups. As part of that announcement, Just Host announced a partnership with ResellerClub wherein Just Host is recommending ResellerClub as the hosting partner of choice for Reseller hosting.

To learn more about this change please see: Reseller Hosting Services FAQ

Using Your Custom Name Servers for Domains Registered With a 3rd Party.

Configuring Name Servers for Domains not registered with Just Host

By default, a domain purchased through Just Host for your Reseller Hosting account will use our name servers:

  • ns1.rhostjh.com

  • ns2.rhostjh.com

However, should you have purchased a domain through 3rd party, you will need to manually define these Name Server entries with your registrar. You can either use the ones listed above, or use custom Name Server entries by creating CNAME or A record entries to the aforementioned hostnames.

Note: To be able to use custom name servers you will need to first register them with your Registrar. If you do not you will see an error such as "nameservers not recognized". Many registrars call this either "Registering Hosts" or "Child Name Servers". Once these are created, your customers can utilize your custom Name Server entries for any domain they host under your Reseller Hosting account.

Note: You may check to see if your Registrar has registered your custom name servers using the "Nameserver" option on the InterNIC whois search, this tool will check for Global Top Level Domains. (aero, .arpa, .asia, .biz, .cat, .com, .coop, .edu, .info, .int, .jobs, .mobi, .museum, .name, .net, .org, .pro, or .travel)

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