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What to do if Google has indexed your addon domain with https
Knowledgebase Article 31,488 views tags: google htaccess https index

When I try to log into my OSCommerce shopping cart using https://secure.Justhost.com/~username url, my shopping cart isn't the same. It is as though I have 2 carts, one for HTTP (unsecure) an
Knowledgebase Article 62,045 views tags: ssl

How to force https on entire website.
Knowledgebase Article 111,820 views tags: htaccess ssl website

When you try to use Justhost.com over a secure form it will tell you that email it sends will not be encrypted. (Happens more often with Firefox)
Knowledgebase Article 66,604 views tags: form secure

A brief introduction to what is WordPress and why it is so great
Video "How-to" Tutorial 175,199 views tags: wordpress

Just Host offers numerous email options.
Knowledgebase Article 148,347 views tags: basic configuration configure email mail setup

What are the Different Components of My E-mail Configuration?
Knowledgebase Article 80,476 views tags: email type

A step-by-step guide to renewing your domain name registration.
Knowledgebase Article 21,025 views tags: domains registration renew

Does your company have any limit about CGI script use?
Knowledgebase Article 144,221 views tags: cgi script

A step-by-step guide to viewing your receipts and invoice.
Knowledgebase Article 14,058 views tags: payments profile

There are many third-party E-mail programs that can be used to connect to your E-mail accounts from remote computers. The most common E-mail programs, called Clients, are Outlook, Mac Mail, and Mozil
Getting Started Article 229,750 views tags: computer computers email imap messages

Instructions for how to log into webmail securely
Knowledgebase Article 137,045 views tags: login secure webmail

How to view your recent charges.
Knowledgebase Article 22,422 views tags: account billing payment

How to manually import an SSL Certificate into your OS X Keychain. This is most often needed when using SSL in Entourage.
Knowledgebase Article 69,996 views tags: email imap keychain mail

I have setup a pointed/addon domain, where should I upload the files for this domain?
Knowledgebase Article 145,166 views tags: addon domain pointed

How can I manage my domains if I no longer have a hosting account?
Knowledgebase Article 87,363 views tags: domain

If you are receiving an error that the page could not be displayed when trying to log into the control panel. It is most likely due to the fact that your firewall is blocking the port that the control
Knowledgebase Article 153,324 views tags: accessing control firewall log login panel

My Google AdWords offer is not working.
Knowledgebase Article 65,653 views tags: adwords code coupon google invalid

We provide several programs to be able to check your email online. cPanel Mail section where Email Accounts icon is located Navigate to the Mail section inside cPanel. Click the Email Accounts icon.
Getting Started Article 354,775 views tags: button cpanel email select webmail

A step-by-step guide to subscribe or unsubscribe to promotional emails.
Knowledgebase Article 11,007 views tags: account settings

What to do if an IP on your VPS or Dedicated server is blacklisted.
Knowledgebase Article 11,041 views tags: blacklisting blocking dedi email filtering spam vps

This tutorial will help you be able to install the PHP PECL package APC. (Alternative PHP Cache)
Knowledgebase Article 48,163 views tags: caching dedicated pecl vps

Is SSH/Shell access enabled by default?
Knowledgebase Article 393,689 views tags: bash command line secure shell ssh

How to install a Minecraft Server.
Knowledgebase Article 40,523 views tags: Minecraft dedicated vps

How to safely update your ClientExec installation.
Knowledgebase Article 22,189 views tags: clientexec

How can I remotely access my e-mail?
Knowledgebase Article 239,075 views tags: email remote webmail

How to change your Hostname in WHM
Knowledgebase Article 48,869 views tags: dedicated whm

List of addons incompatible with php 5.4
Knowledgebase Article 90,938 views tags: php

This article explains how to manager your ports through IPTables.
Knowledgebase Article 3,472 views tags: close dedi dedicated iptables open ports vps

This article will explain how to restart the email related services on a Dedicated or VPS server. This may be useful if you are experiencing trouble with your email.
Knowledgebase Article 4,716 views tags: dedi dedicated dovecot exim mail restart vps whm

How to fix inaccessible backups on Dedicated or VPS servers due to backup size.
Knowledgebase Article 3,374 views tags: backup dedi dedicated inaccessible loop stuck vps

This article will explain how to log in to your Account Control Panel
Knowledgebase Article 211,536 views tags: access control cpanel log login panel

What is SpamExperts?
Knowledgebase Article 83,037 views tags: email filtering spam spamexperts virus

This article will explain how to create PTR records on a VPS or Dedicated server.
Knowledgebase Article 4,572 views tags: dedicated dns ptr vps

This article will explain how to restore a backup on a VPS or Dedicated server.
Knowledgebase Article 1,871 views tags:

500 Internal Server Error when installing via the MOJO Marketplace installer.
Knowledgebase Article 114,492 views tags: cpanel errors htaccess panel php script simpel

How to set up WebDisk utilizing the Just Host Public SSL:
Knowledgebase Article 86,642 views tags: disk layer secure set setup socket upload web webdav

I'm getting the message "There is No DNS Entry" when I get to my domain name...
Knowledgebase Article 171,754 views tags: dns domain

How to resolve SSL warnings in your email client.
Knowledgebase Article 98,684 views tags: certificate email secure warning

To help with installing an SSL certificate for an account on a dedicated server through the WHM
Knowledgebase Article 81,653 views tags: assign dedicated server ssl whm

This article will explain how to view the email logs on a Dedicated or VPS server. This may be usefull if you are experiencing trouble with your email.
Knowledgebase Article 5,166 views tags: dedi dedicated logs mail vps whm

This article will show a way to protect specific pages of your website with SSL. This may have benefits for SEO and can be used on pages that contain forms, shopping carts or any other page where users might enter sensitive information.
Knowledgebase Article 7,264 views tags: htaccess pages specific ssl

This article will explain how to disable SSLv3 on a VPS or Dedicated server. This can help you avoid issues with vulnerabilities in SSLv3.
Knowledgebase Article 5,515 views tags: dedi dedicated ssl vps

How can I cancel my hosting account?
Knowledgebase Article 505,897 views tags: cancel credit guarantee prorate

This article will explain how to use Easy Apache to recompile Apache. This is useful if you want to change the version of PHP or change other PHP and Apache settings.
Knowledgebase Article 5,397 views tags: apache build compile dedi dedicated easy modules version vps

How do I use the free shared SSL Certificate?
Knowledgebase Article 289,261 views tags: certificate path shared ssl

A guide on how to update your WordPress plugins
Knowledgebase Article 56,853 views tags: plugins wordpress

This article will explain how to mount additional storage on a Dedicated or VPS Server.
Knowledgebase Article 4,660 views tags: dedi mount storage vps

How to prepare your WordPress site for a surge in traffic
Knowledgebase Article 15,785 views tags: tips wordpress

This article will explain how to configure your dedicated or VPS server to use the new (non legacy) backup system.
Knowledgebase Article 2,360 views tags: backup dedi dedicated vps

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