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How to use the Free Shared SSL Certificate

How can I use my website with the Free SSL Certificate?

To use the shared SSL Certificate, update the hyperlinks that need to be secure to use the base URL of:


In the above example replace just### with the server for your account. You can find that on the left side of your cPanel in the stats column. Also replace "username" with your 8-character cPanel username. This also is listed on the left side of your Just Host cPanel.

Please note the Shared SSL Certificate does have data limitations; in order to prevent abuse by others using the free secure.Justhost.com SSL proxy, any embedded data (images, audio clips, etc) larger than 100kb will be truncated; this is a per-file limit, not a total page size limitation. This can cause elements on your websites to only load half-way, especially on those websites using larger images.

If you experience problems with your site only partially loading when using the Shared SSL Certificate through the secure.Justhost.com, try the following:

  • Reduce the number of images on your website.
  • Resize the images on your website.
  • Convert the images into a type that has better compression, such as .png and .gif.
  • Verify your elements are not reaching the 100kb limit.

Note: If none of these suggestions resolve your problem, you'll likely need to upgrade your hosting account with a private SSL certificate and a Dedicated IP address; please see our article regarding that here.

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